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Repeat Prescriptions

Our Repeat Prescription Service offers those Clients whose pets are on continuous prescribed medication a simple way to reorder their medication. You can order up to four different Medications using the Form below. Please ensure you fill in all your Contact Details, in case we have a Query.


The request will be reviewed as soon as practical by your Veterinary Surgeon, but may take up to 48 Hours to fulfill so please re-order in plenty of time. Prescriptions cannot be processed on Sundays or Bank Holidays.


Filling the Repeat Prescription Request form does not necessarily mean approval. In certain circumstances, it might be necessary to re-examine your pet to reassess the condition or to monitor the effects of the medication - we will contact you if that is the case.


Subject to the approval of the Veterinary Surgeon, your prescription will be ready as usual, unless we contact you.


If you have any concerns or queries, please phone (01492) 877049 and our Staff will be glad to assist.