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Receptionist Team

Amanda Harris- Reception Manager

Amanda has worked at Rhyd Broughton for over 20 years and really enjoys the fast pace of her job. She loves meeting all the clients and animals. In her spare time as well as taking care of her busy family she enjoys gardening and experimenting in the kitchen. She is just staring to learn Welsh, so she can keep up with her two boys who are both fluent.

Sharon Sommer  – Senior Receptionist

Sharon has been with Rhyd Broughton since 1991. In her spare time she enjoys keep fit and gardening and looking after her camera shy cats, Ali who is 16 and Archie who is 9.


Margaret Evans – Receptionist

Margaret has been with Rhyd Broughton for 13 years. Outside of work she has four granddaughters that keep her busy and enjoys cooking, gardening and walking. Her cat is called Oscar, although he should be called scaredy cat as he is frightened of everything!


Clare Bennett - Receptionist

Clare joined Rhyd Broughton in 2004. Outside of work she enjoys a bit of retail therapy as well as looking after her cats Honey & Lelo and Border collie Lady.

Angela Roberts – Receptionist

Angela has been at Rhyd Broughton for over 33 years. In her time here she has worked in many roles, including our cattery, kennels and administration. Angela is mainly based at our Chester Street branch and loves meeting all the regulars there. Outside of work she has a growing family to look after as well as three gorgeous cats, Jasper, Yoshi & M’Lady.

Barbara Done – Receptionist

Barbara has been working at Rhyd Broughton for 5 years. Outside of work she enjoys gardening, reading, socialising and looking after her two Springer spaniels, Poppy and Maggie-May. Having 5 grandchildren also keeps her very busy.


Sue Merril  – Receptionist

Sue joined Rhyd Broughton after a long and varied career with Nat West in 2013. Sue enjoys most forms of exercise in her spare time including bike riding and pilates. She enjoys cooking and gardening

Sue Edwards – Receptionist

Sue joined Rhyd Broughton 2012. She was born and raised on a farm and has always had a love of animals. She has an eight year old cat called Amy who is a devoted house cat as she is blind in one eye.  She enjoys the countryside, walking and gardening.

Margi Bachen – Receptionist

After working nearly 10yrs for a GP practice Margi decided to have a change and come to Rhyd Broughton.

This is a picture of Margi with her Baby, Tilly. (Geochelone Pardalis Tortoise ) in other words her Leopard Tortoise, She will be 10yrs old on the 7th May 2016 she is the first  and last thing she thinks about every day. She will live to be over 100 Yrs.


Marie Allen  – Receptionist

Marie joined Rhyd Broughton last year. Outside of work she enjoys crafting and making scented candles and looking after her completely spoiled cats Rosie & Jester.


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Karen Williscroft  – Receptionist

Karen has recently joined the reception team at Rhyd Broughton. Karen joins us from a local Doctors surgery and is really enjoying with our clients and their animals.

Outside of Rhyd Broughton Karen enjoys horse riding and dressage and supporting Chelsea with her son and daughter